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Miguel Reale Júnior was considered a reference jurist for Brazilian Law in a survey carried out with judges of all levels. Among the trial and appeal judges, Miguel Reale Júnior was among the ten most mentioned names. Among the Ministers of the Superior Courts, he was the second most nominated jurist (research completed in November/2018).



Miguel Reale Júnior is featured in Chambers and Partners - Latin America magazine (Rankings 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019), appearing, for five consecutive years, in the most relevant position, as "Senior Statesperson", within the specialty of Corporate Criminal Law (Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime - Brazil).


Chambers and Partners magazine summarizes the market's opinion about Miguel Reale Júnior (referring to the 2022 Ranking): ""Senior statesperson Miguel Reale Júnior is an esteemed figure in the white-collar crime practice area. A market experts affirms: 'He is an emblematic individual and one of the greatest names in criminal law.'"

In 2021, it was commented: "Market commentators report that senior statesman and professor Miguel Reale Júnior is often sought out to provide legal opinions on high-profile cases. He remains well regarded in this arena in connection with his former experience as the Minister of Justice. 'He is one of the most brilliant names in this practice area, commends an interviewee'".  

In 2020, Chambers and Partners magazine also gathered market comments about the lawyer: "Former Minister of Justice Miguel Reale Júnior is acknowledged by a market commentator as 'one of the most intellectual lawyers around, who does a good job’. Another source describes him as 'a reference’, adding: 'He is a professor and a brilliant and technical lawyer’".  

In 2019, it was commented: "Former Minister of Justice Miguel Reale Júnior of Miguel Reale Júnior Advogados is acknowledged by market sources as 'a solid penal law academic who often organises study groups to discuss new legislation.' Commentators also add: 'He is very strategic and active providing legal opinions'".

Chambers and Partners

Miguel Reale Júnior is featured in the international guide Who's Who Legal, in the "Business Crime Defense" category (Global Elite Thought Leader 2023 Ranking).


"Miguel Reale Júnior 'is an extremely well-respected lawyer and academic'.'


Miguel Reale Júnior is featured in the international Who's Who Legal guide, in the "Business Crime Defense" category (2023, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 Rankings).


In 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, Miguel Reale Júnior appears as a recommended lawyer in the Global Guide (Business Crime Defense - Individuals and Corporates) and in the National Guide (Brazil - Business Crime Defense & Investigations).


"Miguel Reale Júnior of  Miguel Reale Junior Advogados is described by peers as 'a pleasure to work with' and 'a role model for all criminal attorneys'.' (2022 Ranking).

"Miguel Reale Júnior ranks highly among peers who consider him to be "one of the most prestigious lawyers in the country" (Ranking 2021).


"Miguel Reale Júnior is 'a very prominent Brazilian jurist' who possesses considerable experience advising clients on corporate criminal litigation" (Ranking 2020).


"Miguel Reale Júnior is a widely recognised criminal lawyer who is held in high esteem by commentators for his experience of corporate criminal matters" (Ranking 2019).

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